Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cruise Ship Loading

Heres a list of the average amount of STUFF that gets loaded on a TYPICAL 7-DAY cruise.

24,236 pounds of beef
5,040 pounds of lamb
7,216 pounds of pork
4,600 pounds of veal
1,680 pounds of sausage
10,211 pounds of chicken
3,156 pounds of turkey
13,851 pounds of fish
350 pounds of crab
2,100 pounds of lobster
25,736 pounds of fresh vegetables
15,150 pounds of potatoes
20,003 pounds of fresh fruit
3,260 gallons of milk
1,976 quarts of cream
600 gallons of ice cream
9,235 dozen eggs
5,750 pounds of sugar
3,800 pounds of rice
1,750 pounds of cereal
450 pounds of jelly
2,458 pounds of coffee
1,936 pounds of cookies
2,450 tea bags
120 pounds (54 kg) of herbs and spices
3,400 bottles of assorted wines
200 bottles of champagne
200 bottles of gin
290 bottles of vodka
350 bottles of whiskey
150 bottles of rum
45 bottles of sherry
600 bottles of assorted liqueurs
10,100 bottles/cans of beer

TOTALS ~ 150,000lbs. of STUFF

Divided by the amount of an average Semi-truck trailer (45,000lbs.)

You will need at least 3.3 Semi-truck Trailers in and out of your service.

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